December 5, 2011 @ 4:55 PM

Screen Recording is essential!

Screen recording essential to validate Call Center processes-and build your call center business platform

DELRAY BEACH – A profitable call center operational model builds, maintains, monitors and optimizes an operational platform, so that customer experiences satisfy established business process and exceed performance valuation goals.

Measuring and evaluating all aspects of the call center representative-customer relationship is an essential element in developing and improving call center performance. An effective screen recording solution is an indispensable tool for elevating the operation and efficiency of your call center’s core processes. Screen recording allows for hands-on management of call center operations and the gathering and analysis of business intelligence.

Thus, the right screen recording solutions integrate into a call center’s operational platform to build the best in customer experience, assess contact center employee performance, and achieve the highest possible profit and efficiency. Applied Business Technologies is the best in the business at providing a state-of-the-art Screen Recording platform which captures the entire customer interaction experience with your contact center.

Screen recording lets you identify and address day-to-day operational issues and optimize call center processes. It also allows call center managers to capture critical data from the agents’ desktop screens to boost productivity, enhance customer loyalty, improve training procedures, and comply with industry regulation issues, such as those embodied by PCI and HIPPA. Utilizing the Cacti Screen Logger 2.0 platform, Applied Business Technologies (ABT) enhances a call center’s ability to record agent’s desktop activities to allow for playback and review of the customer experience. This analysis provides crucial insight into the agent’s efficiency and productivity, and it identifies areas for improvement in agent training and customer service delivery.

ABT’s screen capture solution is part of an open-architecture, non-proprietary recording solution for voice and screen activities of advocates (agents) within the contact center on a standard Windows Server platform.

These screen capture solutions are cost-effective and easy to install. ABT screen capture integrates effectively with many different call center technologies, and supports all telephony platforms. By implementing a screen capture platform to assess your contact center’s performance in key areas, ABT can help you assess and upgrade an your business platform for optimum performance.

Isn’t it time for you to contact ABT for a consultation? We would begin by evaluating whether your screen recording platform is optimizing your business model.

Call me today at 561-282-6318, or email me: rmorriss@appliedcorp.com. Let’s talk about how the right screen capture solution can enhance the delivery of a great customer experience, improve productivity, and most importantly, increase your bottom line.

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