Call Recording that is software based, open architecture, intergrates with Speech Analytics


Applied Business Technologies Call Recording works with virtually any telephony platform. In conjunction with our other products, such as Speech Analytics and Post-Call Surveys, clients can build one of the most powerful quality assurance solutions while accelerating return-on-investment (ROI).

Whether you have a complex multi-site call center (with multiple telephony platforms) or are a smaller organization, Applied Business Technologies has solutions which fit your existing system architecture and business processes. Our suite of Call Recording products is designed to standardize recording operations across your entire organization.

Call Recording Equipment

Voice over IP Telephone Recording

Our Voice-Over IP Recording platform allows your business to take advantage of quality and compliance recording in one intuitive interface. Our unique VoIP Recording software can capture interactions from virtually any telephony device or phone system. The product supports and enhances 99% of the telephone systems on the market today. ABT's easy-to-install solution can be deployed without any proprietary hardware investment. Why should your company utilize ABT Our Voice-Over IP Recording software solution? It delivers additional benefits and the optimum performance to your organization.

Traditional Telephone System Recording

Phone Recording Equipment

Digital PBX recording is made simple with our solutions. We use state-of-the-art, non-propriety hardware which is designed to access your existing server environment. Each recording server can be fitted to perform as a single-server contact recording software platform supporting station-side digital, Analog, Turrets and T1/E1 trunk recording. Virtually all of the turn-key telephony system platforms are supported. Clients typically deploy ABT's Traditional Telephone System Recording as a Full-Time Recording solution, but it can also be deployed as a Quality Recording system.

Quality Assurance Software

Call Center Quality Software

Our Call Center Quality applications provide your contact center supervisors the ability to perform fully-integrated audits on agents. Agents are audited and scored based on criteria which are specifically defined by your business. This results in improved customer satisfaction and agent morale. Applied Business Technologies Call Center Quality Software can be integrated with our Speech Analytics platform for a very robust solution.

Agent Screen Recording and Monitoring

Screen Capture and Screen Recording Software

Many call centers are finding great value in recording the agent desktop screen. Our Screen Capture solution offer limitless video recording at random or full time. The tool gives supervisors the ability to monitor agents' screens at any time to assist with subsequent coaching. Clients can then utilize ABT's Screen Capture for training or performance review. At a glance, supervisors can review all the current desktops screens of all agents in the call center, which gives supervisors the ability to make quicker decisions on how they can assist agents.

Reports and Agent Coaching

If combined, Applied Business Technology tools comprise a powerful overall training tool. By using our report and training module, supervisors have the ability to trend agent performance. ABT products produce over 40 reports which supervisors can use to greatly improve customer service in the contact center.

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