July 23, 2012 @ 3:20 PM

Upgraded Call Center Recording platform essential to stay competitive-and profitable-in call center business

As the ever-changing call center environment continues to encompass increased global competition, technological advances and growing regulatory demands, managing a growing and profitable call center has grown more challenging. It has become a very complex task.

Having the most advanced and tailored call monitoring and recording software has become one of the most single important tools in allowing managers to build and improve contact center operations. Managers also build profitability in a number of areas: customer service, call center employee performance, problem analysis, and sales and marketing practices.

In the past, both inbound or outbound call center environments generally implemented call monitoring to capture customer interactions and monitor satisfaction. These days, that is not sufficient.

In addition to monitoring capacity, call center employers utilize advanced call monitoring and recording software to properly train customer service representatives, implement important operational procedures, ensure regulatory compliance, fulfill internal policy requirements, standards, and goals – and reduce potential litigation.

Sophisticated call monitoring (enhanced with speech analytics and screen capture) provides a wealth of data that can allow managers to coach, assess, and advise call center agents on their performances. Also, managers can react in real-time without the customer’s knowledge to address issues and aid in dispute resolution. Call monitoring also allows managers to accumulate important data to improve quality performance, conversion rates, up-selling and cross-selling, and employee retention.

Call centers are more profitable and competitive when they possess recording systems which allow managers to perform their duties, such as responding to important and timely data, reducing costs, and more effectively delivering premium customer services to name a few.

Applied Business Technologies is the best in the call center software business. The company builds and implements powerful quality and revenue-generating call center recording systems that incorporate speech analytics, screen capture and post-call survey products formatted to any standing telephony platform.

Our experienced call center consultants can devise and apply the specialized recording solutions in suite products. They include: voice-over IP recording, enhanced digital PBX recording hardware, call center quality software, agent screen capture solutions and powerful agent reporting software fitted to your existing system architecture and business processes. Applied Business Technologies’ products are designed to standardize recording operations across your entire call center operation.

Is your call center recording platform making your operations more competitive, efficient, and profitable?

Isn’t it time that you partnered with ABT to assess and upgrade your call center recording solutions to be the best in the call center business?

Call ABT today at 561-272-1232 or email us at info@appliedcorp.com. Let’s start building the best call recording solution platform for your call center today!

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