March 9, 2012 @ 1:02 AM

Understanding the Call Center platform

Understanding the Call Center platform: Imperative that Call Center IT and Management operate seamlessly together.

The call center business is an extremely competitive global industry.

Whether call center operations are located in the United States, India, Latin America or elsewhere, managers are continuously facing bigger demands for high-quality customer service within increasingly-efficient business models.

The primary goal for a call center of any size is to run at optimum operational efficiency while simultaneously meeting business goals and objectives, including customer service parameters.

The power of evolving IT platforms has become a critical component in assisting call center management to deliver low operating costs and better customer service by measuring agent performance, efficiency, and quality.

Company objectives and customer demands change rapidly. Therefore, call centers must confront the challenges of changing operational methods. Information technologists help to meet these needs in order to maintain and enhance company profitability. As the call center industry continues to mature in staggering dimensions and complexity, call center IT technology has grown in sophistication and operational breadth.

Information technology (IT) tools – such as call recording, speech analytics, post-call surveys and workforce management – provide management with a better understanding of customer service experiences so they can nurture the agent-customer relationship. At the same time, managers use this technology to determine the optimum number of customer service representatives (CSRs) for scheduling in uncertain, time-varying demands for service.

Call center managers have continually developed management practices and business models to integrate increasingly-powerful IT platforms into their management domains. Sometimes, tension can develop between IT operations and employee demands for optimum call service efficiency. Therefore, it is imperative for IT managers to recognize and understand the continuous strain that call center managers and call center representatives face in their daily operations: operational goals, reduced costs and quality customer experience.

Conversely, call center managers and employees have to recognize the depth and complexity of IT platform design and operation. Information Technologists may have a limited ability to react as quickly as managers and CSRs can in a fast-paced business environment.

Applied Business Technologies (ABT) is a premium supplier of industry-recognized “Best of Breed” call center software. ABT platforms allow management and IT to work together and operate in an optimized call center environment that increases productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability.

ABT can help your organization achieve its potential with the implementation of proven call-center-centric performance management technology products. Together, IT and management can utilize ABT products to adjust and expand features and functionality in real-time so problems are fixed in a timely manner.

Our quality assurance software platforms help make decisions which ultimately lead to better resource utilization and reduced customer waiting times. Consequently, this ensures that businesses can meet their professional goals and profitability projections in a highly-competitive global business environment.

Contact ABT for a consultation. We can introduce you a seamless IT call center platform which empowers both your management and IT departments to meet performance and profitability goals together.

Call me today: +1 561-272-1232, or email me: rmorriss@appliedcorp.com. Let’s work together to build your IT call center platform for optimal IT operational efficiency and commercial achievement. Meet your business and customer service goals and objectives with ABT.

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