June 1, 2011 @ 1:26 PM

The Best Call Center Technology and Support

Is Your Call Center Providing AND RECEIVING the Best Call Center Technology and Support?

Let Applied Business Technologies take your business to the next level!

DELRAY BEACH – A call center’s primary objective is to provide the most professional, cost effective way to meet a customer’s critical business needs. However, call center managers must continuously seek out ways to increase incremental revenue, build better performance and efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The call center industry continues to dramatically evolve with revolutionary technology and increasing demands for service and efficiency. The increasing complexities in running a profitable, state-of-the-art contact platform requires a personalized implementation of enhanced methodologies to improve contact center operations.

Evolution has its own demands. Call center industry innovations come with increased demand for technological and process support, and this collaboration is vital to ensure call center operations are seamless and – most importantly – profitable.

While there are many call center solution providers out there, Applied Business Technologies (ABT) stands out as the best single source of call center solutions and critical support for the constantly changing demands of the 21st-Century call center.

Applied Business Technologies is much more than just a call center vendor or consultant. ABT is a teammate in making your call center the best in the business. With over a decade of experience, our highly-professional team of consultants will implement innovative technologies adapted to distinctively match the requirements of your business. Then, ABT pros provide you with the critical, enhanced support needed to implement and maintain increased, cost efficient delivery of contact solutions to your customers.

Applied Business Technologies has built and serviced platforms for call centers of all sizes in a variety of industries. Our advanced applications allow us to personalize packages best suited to your specific specifications and needs. We utilize the latest in industry-leading call center technology which is compatible and efficient across any telephony platform. ABT call center solutions combine voice recorindg and screen capture, QA, reporting and post-call surveys in one neatly designed application.

Isn’t it time to step up your business to the next level of 21st century call center performance and efficiency? Don’t you want the best of call center innovations and support?

You are one contact away from becoming the best in the call center business: Allow Applied Business Technologies. Permit our professional, experienced consultants to design the best, custom-made call center performance package specifically designed to meet your call center’s needs and – just as important – provide you with the best in personalized support.

Reply now to this email, or call us for a consultation at: 800-683-6590 x220. Let’s start building a more successful – and profitable – call center today!

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