October 15, 2012 @ 5:08 PM

Pivoting to Performance and Profitability: The Right Contact Center Quality Assurance Platform.

The overall success of a call center operation increasingly depends on how businesses assimilate increasingly-evolved Quality Assurance (QA) platforms technology into their call center operations. .

Quality assurance platforms have been historically integrated so that call center managers can assess the enhance the strengths and strengthen the weaknesses of existing employee performances. The QA applications of yesteryear have been continuously rendered obsolete by the evolution of more sophisticated, state-of-the-art technologies. While earlier QA platforms have empowered call centers to guarantee business model benchmarks, technological expansion has transforms the single-dimension retro platform into one which encompasses call monitoring, evaluation, agent training. Times are not only changing in quality assurance call center platforms, but modernity is continuously authoring the future of
quality service delivery and enterprise efficiency.

In bygone times, businesses deployed QA platforms to help. Now, those platforms are essential tools for businesses who strive for success in global call center competition. Times have indeed changed.

Applied Business Technologies (ABT) is an expert (with an excellent track record) in the call center business. Professionals at ABT design and implement the QA assurance platforms which best pioneer a path to greater business profitability.

Applied Business Technologies can implement a fully-integrated quality assurance package authored to achieve several objectives at once. An ABT-packaged auditing tool allows supervisors to monitor, evaluate and audit the interactions between call center representatives and customers. Managers compose the evaluation criteria, ABT integrates them and quality assurance platforms provide detailed overall performance of individual agents representing the business.

However, ABT Quality Assurance (QA) platforms also automate intelligent voice and data recording for management of spoken-word communications. With such QA solutions from Applied Business Technologies, enterprise needs not tangle with a proprietary voice logger in order to facilitate customizable platform elements.

A Quality Assurance (QA) platform is structured to assess specific performance measurements: some focus on individual employees; others focus on overall call center performance. The QA technology needs to be optimized to the distinct characteristics of a a call center, so that is can increase productivity maintain quality and achieve its objectives. Quality Assurance performance measures allow call center managers to track performance, ensure accountability for of designated objectives correct individual performance and modify employee training.


Our QA solutions provide the following benefits:

• All-inclusive solution.
• Customer retention (due to satisfaction.
• Identification of agent strengths and weaknesses.
• Reduced staff turnover (due to superior agent morale.
• Cost-effective.
• Easy to install and maintain.
• Supports all telephone platforms.
• Resides on Windows 2003/2008 Server platforms.
• Effectively integrates many other call center technologies.

Is your enterprise maximizing its Quality Assurance call centers performance for optimum customer service and profitability?
When partnered with Applied Business Technologies, you can assess and upgrade your call center QA systems, enhance your entire business model and become best in the call center business?

Call ABT today at 561-272-1232 or email us at info@appliedcorp.com. Ley us help to build the best QA solutions platform for your call center today!

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