January 26, 2013 @ 3:38 AM

Key Components of a Quality Assurance Program

By Gregory J. Robb, Research Assistant, Applied Business Technologies, LLC

In the call center industry, Quality Assurance is best demonstrated by First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates. Industry invests greatly in technological means of achieving FCR: Call Recording, Screen Recording and Speech Analytics to name but a few. The bottom line is simple, yet challenging: maximize call center return-on-investment (ROI) while minimizing expense as much as possible.

The Quality Assurance Objective

Call centers achieve optimum Quality Assurance by delivering consistent call resolution results, but there are many ways to do it. It’s all about enhancing customer satisfaction and Customer Service Representative (CSR) performance. Applied Business Technologies Call Recording software is a server-based way for managers to engage VoIP, analog, digital, and trunk side recording. Screen Recording is also available for ABT clients who utilize synchronous playback as a means of monitoring CSR performance. In the voice-mining era, ABT’s Speech Analytics is a leading-edge way of analyzing words and phrases which characterize customer service calls. Ambitious call centers often deploy all of the Quality Assurance tools they can in order to improve their customer service communications.

Call Recording

ABT offers a Call Recording suite of all-in-one server-based software which is expansive, expandable and platform-versatile. Call Recording enables ABT call center clients with high-speed access to thousands of hours of CSR-customer interactions. This cost-effective server solution is certified for use across many major telephone system providers and compression standards. The ABT Call Recording software suite applies to almost all telephone systems.

Screen Recording

Applied Business Technologies’ Screen Recording tool enables managers to monitor all agent calls in full-time, or at random. It is not only an accountability tool, but one used to train CSRs on a continual basis. Supervisors can utilize Screen Recording to review all agent desktop screens to ensure optimum call Quality Assurance.

Screen Recording also streamlines CSR monitoring. Fully empowered by ABT Screen Recording, one manager can accomplish what once required several supervisors. That’s efficiency.

Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics is a high-tech way to extract key words and phrases from CSR-customer interactions. ABT Speech Analytics empowers call center supervisors to continuously analyze recorded conversation in 54 different languages. Remarkably, this turnkey application – from Applied Business Technologies – often produces ROI (return-on-investment) and payback within one year of deployment. Analysis of call center speech is an advance into previously-uncharted forms of business intelligence.

Speech Analytics also serves as a scientifically-objective sampling of CSR performance. When the software is programmed on specific call center keywords, agent evaluation is more precise and less subjective. At Applied Business Technologies, CSR speech analysis is entirely customized to the call center’s language of choice.

Applied Business Technologies (ABT) tools enhance call center success. Call Recording, Screen Recording and Speech Analytics are just three technological components aimed at achieving call center Quality Assurance which justify technological investment. When it’s all working as it should, call center profit is sure to follow. For more information please visit us at www.appliedcorp.com.

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