August 10, 2011 @ 2:50 PM

Is your call center the top of the line?

It’s time for ABT to build you a cutting edge contact center performance platform!

By Ryan Morrissey

DELRAY BEACH – Recently, I spoke to a call center manager about having his company partner with Applied Business Technologies (ABT) to rebuild his company’s inadequate call center platform. Specifically, ABT wanted to raise his company to the highest level of sophistication, compliance, and profitability.

Actually, he was not a “new” prospect, but one I had met at a trade show about two years earlier. After our initial meeting, we began talking about raising his company’s call center performance. Our initial discussion involved identifying goals the company wished to achieve, the best way to measure performance, and how to align these strategies with enterprise-wide targets.

Our team evaluated his company’s operations. The team then recommended that he optimize his company’s call center operations with a number of implementation solutions: Call Recording, Workforce Management and Speech Analytics. We proposed a number of high quality solutions to build an infrastructure that would maximize efficiency, productivity, and the company’s competitive edge – all within his allotted project budget.

His discussed ABT’s in-depth recommendations with other vendors and said he would get back to me. He did not follow-up.

Until recently. He called ABT to request immediate assistance to troubleshoot a major problem. He had opted for a cheap, poorly-designed Call Recording and Quality Assurance system, and it had failed. It was not the first time Applied Business Technologies has been called in to fix the problems caused by fly-by-night consultants who peddle low-cost, substandard call center platforms.

As in most other industries, “you get what you pay for” in the contact center business.

Call Center decision-makers know that the business has drastically evolved over the last decade. There are no cheap, easy or simple solutions if you want to do things right and make good money. Since 2001, Applied Business Technologies has primarily focused providing the best in quality solutions at competitive prices to businesses of all sizes. We are not the cheapest in the business, but we are no doubt the best and most reliable.

Do you currently run a premium call center platform?
Is your current vendor optimizing your present platform?

Is your current platform enabling your call center to provide cutting-edge customer service, Call Recording, Speech Analytics, and most importantly, profitability?
If not, it’s time for you teamed up with Applied Business Technologies. Our staff will support your business in setting up and fully utilizing our performance management solutions to bring your operation to premium industry status. We will design the best, custom-made call center performance package specifically suited to your call center’s needs and – just as importantly – provide you with reliable, personalized support.

We are confident that we can dramatically improve your call center performance, enhance your operation and increase call center profits.
Call Ryan today for a consultation at 800-683-6590 x220. Start building a call center which defines top-of-the-line service and first-class profit today!

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