January 7, 2012 @ 11:45 AM

First Call Resolution rates-and your bottom line!

Applied Business Technologies invaluable partner in increasing First-Call Resolution rates-and your bottom line!

ABT provides the best, most powerful turnkey applications to properly measure and enhance your FCR benchmark averages.

DELRAY BEACH – In the call center business, customer service is the name of the game. Properly measuring and increasing the First Call Resolution (FCR) rate in your contact center operation is the key to increasing operational efficiencies, building customer satisfaction metrics, decreasing operational expenses, and most important, reaching higher profitability.

The First-Call Resolution (FCR) measurement is the percentage of incoming calls which successfully address a customer’s issue, so that they do not need to call back or receive a helpdesk call to resolve the case.

In call center enterprises, a customer inquiry or problem is best resolved immediately. That way, you need not incur additional operational expenses to fix the problem.

The current call center industry CCR average is between 60-70%. Approximately one-third of the customers who contact call centers with an issue can’t be too happy with the initial service given to resolve the matter. That can be very costly in terms of time, efficiency, and even to the morale of your call center representatives. The more time is spent making multiple contacts with a customer, the more disruptive and expensive such repeat contacts are to a call center operation.

Therefore, it is imperative that managers implement the right policies and industry FCR best practices measures. Thus, management can identify the correct metrics discover which CCRs are causing the majority of repeat contacts.

First-Call Resolution best practices include commitment from both managers and CCRs to effectively and efficiently manage customer calls for improved and accountable outcomes. Call center management is trained to coach CCRs to optimize First-Call Resolutions, so that they can evaluate why two or more resolution contacts are even necessary.

Most importantly, call centers must set up the right technological platforms in order to calibrate FCR call center policies and procedures. Management continually monitors in order to improve specific FCR results and overall call center operational efficiency.

Applied Business Technologies (ABT) is the best in the business at providing Call Recording, Speech Analytical, and Quality Assurance solutions. ABT designs distinct operational approaches and platforms aimed at dramatically increasing customer satisfaction, eliminating repeat contacts, and reducing multiple customer contact volumes.

Are your FCRs averaging 70%? 80%? 90%? If not, it’s it time for you to contact ABT for a consultation. We’ll review your best practices and customer service platforms in order to improve your First-Call Resolution rate, optimize your business model, and make your contact center more profitable.

Call me today at 561-282-6318, or email me: rmorriss@appliedcorp.com. Let’s discuss how we can improve your FCR best practices and FCR rate. ABT delivers great customer experience, improved productivity, and most importantly, increased profit.

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