June 25, 2012 @ 8:34 AM

Data mining with speech analytics key to improving CSR performance & call center business

It’s always challenging to grow call center business while enhancing customer service representative (CSR) performance, remaining competitive, and increasing profitability.

The performance of CSRs, and their call handling of customers, is one of the most critical factors in the success of a call center operation.

It is imperative that call center owners and managers be able to aggregate, extract, and analyze CSR interactions with customers. Managers can then adjust the business model and processes to maintain cutting-edge performance, customer satisfaction, and service delivery.

Your call center has a wealth of speech data. This data is critical in enhancing sale opportunities, improving processes and products, and identifying key first-call resolution (which, in turn, impacts call center competitiveness and profitability).

Many call center supervisors and managers ask: can our organization make better use of data analytic platforms, such as speech analytics? Can other technologies – such as call recording, workforce management, and performance management – assist us in optimizing our call center performance analysis?

Applied Business Technologies offers an extremely powerful turnkey Speech Analytics application that allows you to analyze recorded conversations with your customers continuously, in 54 different languages.

Our Speech Analytics solution, which integrates with all major brands of recording equipment, allows call centers to tap into the wealth of data within their established call recording systems. Thus, organizations gain critical insight into CSR interaction with customers in order to hone their operational models for success. At the very least, ABT Speech Analytics helps to meet call center goals and objectives with maximum efficiency.

Implementing our Speech Analytics platform will help identify and exploit previously-unavailable business intelligence. Therefore, users have the opportunity to identify key sales skills for CSRs to boost caller satisfaction and sales conversion rates.

Speech Analytics improves management productivity by augmenting coaching skills, eliminating subjectivity and randomness from performance evaluation and management, and ensuring call center policy and regulation compliance.

Call centers who don’t have speech analytics are at a competitive disadvantage. Those who have it, but fail to correctly implement it, are unable to maximize CSR performance and optimize day-to-day operational efficiencies. Don’t you think it’s time to improve your call center business model and implement the power and profitability? Integrate the powerful Applied Business Technologies Speech Analytics call center platform.

Call ABT today at 561-272-1232 or email us at info@appliedcorp.com. Let’s start building the best speech analytic platform for your call center today!

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