May 15, 2012 @ 12:34 PM

Coaching critical to improving call centers business model

Applied Business Technologies provides best tools to coach CSRs

Employees can make you or break any business. It’s no different in call centers.

A well trained, motivated workforce of customer service representatives (CSRs) is critical to the performance, efficiency and profitability of any successful call center.

Call center managers and supervisors must continually coach and monitor CSRs. Coaching and monitoring provides the vital insights needed to improve and reward CSRs’ performances. Also, coaching provides the metrics needed to identify underperforming CSRs who may need to be weeded out of the workforce.

State-of-the-art coaching tools are critical components in any call center platform. Managers use them to accurately and consistently measure and critique CSR on-the-job performances. Managers are then free to either reinforce proper job skills or reform performance behaviors.

Quality management applications allow managers and supervisors to coach and monitor in a uniform and efficient manner for mission-critical call center results.

Thus, it is important to create and update an automated systems environment to maintain an effective coaching platform. This is particularly true as call centers expand their businesses and become multi-channel and virtual operations.

Applied Business Technologies provides the best fully-integrated call center auditing tools to enhance supervisors’ abilities to thoroughly assess agents performances and implement coaching techniques. Agents are audited and scored based on specifically-defined company criteria.

Our software delivers high-impact call center monitoring which categorizes and stores all recordings for subsequent playback directly from your network. Therefore, supervisors and managers can gather the critical performance information necessary to assess and coach CSRs.

With Applied Business Technologies platforms, call center managers and supervisors can listen to, and audit, the recorded calls and screens of their CSRs. Managers have access to the entire agent-customer transaction and performance reports which allow them to evaluate agent performance of individuals, groups or auditors.

With ABT’s quality assurance tools, supervisors and managers can compile a comprehensive, quality audit on each agent by viewing the synchronized screen and voice recordings within a single replay window screen. Supervisors can fast-forward, pause, rewind, scan, and expand screen recordings as they may prefer.

Applied Business Technologies tools enable supervisors to identify areas of improvement and provide invaluable coaching to agents within the contact center. This, in turn, enhances call center profitability.

Is it time for you to improve the quality of your call center monitoring with a coaching and monitoring platform?

Don’t let your CSR’s ruin your business! Call ABT today at 561-272-1232 or email me at, rmorriss@appliedcorp.com to start building an individualized coaching and monitoring platform for your call center today!

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