February 10, 2012 @ 1:57 AM

Choosing and implementing improved solutions for call centers

Call centers must continually improve their customer service to stay viable and keep pace with rising customers’ demands.

Growing worldwide competition, Internet and social media all integrate into the call center business models aimed at improving contact center business processes. There is no end to the modern need to upgrade call center infrastructures.

When improving technological infrastructure, an established call center has to make a choice: quickly reengineer its call-center-centric platform, or incrementally change the existing infrastructure.

Modern advances in call center technology present managers and owners with newly-improved solutions aimed at enhancing functionality in order to improve productivity, maximize cost-efficiency, and improve customer service. It can be a daunting task.

When refitting or redesigning call center platforms, managers have to consider how to improve a number of software applications, such as speech recognition, predictive dialing, call recording and monitoring, workforce management, analytics and interactive voice response.

There are several contributing factors to consider in the whole process: how the new technology integrates with other components in the telephony environment; whether such software provides support for additional sales activities such as outward facing campaigns, promotions, and up-sell and cross-sell initiatives; whether such call center programs deliver comprehensive performance management functions so managers can define and communicate goals and establish key metrics as indicators of success; whether the new applications enables interactions through multiple channels such as email, IM/chat, and fax; and, whether the software can be designed to support activities across a number of disparate locations.

Applied Business Technologies (ABT) leads the call center industry in designing and building software platforms that provide unique, state-of-the-art conformity in secured call recording, workforce management, and speech analytics. ABT provides the solutions needed to update all call center platforms.

We have years of consultation experience with call center managers all over the world. ABT helps to select and implement the proper solutions that best fit the individual needs of call center operations which retain a competitive edge in call center industry.

Call ABT today at +1 561-272-1232, or email me: rmorriss@appliedcorp.com. Let’s get started making your operations more competitive and more profitable.

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