September 15, 2011 @ 1:00 PM

CCR retention critical to profitability

ABT provides the best software and consulting services to reduce turnover and retain the best, most productive CCRs.

DELRAY BEACH – Contact Center Representatives (CCR) can make or break a contact center business.

Trained, professional CCRs are key assets to a contact centers, because they are very hard to replace. An excellent CCR is critical in increasing sales and market penetration, sustaining competitiveness, and ensuring quality customer relationships.

Employee retention and productivity is also directly tied to higher ROIs, revenue streams and business success.

A highly-productive CCR helps a contact center to reduce turnover, recognize great work and retaining the best.

One of the biggest challenges in the call center industry is retaining top CCRs. It is crucially important that call center managers identify, assess and retain their best employees. Industry studies have shown that a call center can suffer up to 200% attrition in a year, which means that significant resources and time are spent on addressing employee turnover.

It is important to discover the most significant factors which negatively influence the longevity of CCRs in your workplace due to low motivation and skills.

Employee assessment prevents disruption in call center operations by negating the need to constantly interview applicants and fix mediocre employees’ mistakes. Poor customer service leads to the ultimate call center sentence of doom: lost business.

Applied Business Technologies (ABT) leads the contact center industry with software platforms which enable organizations to address and increase employee retention. ABT products measure and track specific criteria and results which allow call centers to retain CCRs and protect profit.

ABT’s industry experts assess a contact center’s work environment and provide complete, personalized solutions to address CCR retention in several crucial areas utilizing cutting-edge call center software, call recording solutions, and quality-monitoring platforms.


Our solutions produce evaluation and implementation solutions due to ABT’s expertise and experience with employee retention issues. Our cutting-edge solutions help you to retain key call center personnel, save on costs, create a competitive advantage, and most importantly, increase profitability.

ABT offers call recording and quality monitoring solutions that allow call center supervisors to audit and score CCRs based on specific criteria that can measure agent performance, identify their strength and weaknesses, and gauge other measures that will increase agent morale and reduce staff turnover.

With call center software assessing the contact center’s performance in several key areas, ABT can help you assess and maintain an environment which helps to retain personnel and achieve important cost savings with reduced turnover.

Our solutions are cost-effective are easy to install and maintain. Our solutions integrate effectively with many different call center technologies and support all telephone platforms.
Isn’t it time for you to contact ABT for a consultation to increase your CCR retention?

Call me today at 561-282-6318, or email me at rmorriss@appliedcorp.com. Let’s get started today on building your employee retention and profitability.

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